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Transforming Teams


Teams change, just as people do. We have a knack of getting the best out of groups, large and small. We help people recognise and harness the individual talents in a group, build trust and co-operation, energise and galvanise people to take action and install tools that establish long-term happy, focused and productive teams.


Raising your presentation game


With our considerable expertise in presenting (see our profiles), we lead the field in helping individuals and teams present in the most compelling and engaging way. Whatever the purpose, be it winning business, enhancing your brand or building business partnerships, presenting to small and large audiences is an art and a science. Through Fresh Air you will become an expert in both.


Personal Coaching


There is now overwhelming evidence of the many benefits of 121 business coaching. Our coaching is highly bespoke and, like good coaching should be, outcomes-oriented. All of our coaches regularly receive supervision from senior mentor/coaches and are also members of Europe’s leading professional associations (EMCC, ILM, ACUK, ICF). What’s more, they’re all really nice people – so you’ll get on with them just fine.




Have you ever been on a training course that was dull? Or one that was fun, but you can’t really remember learning anything new? Or even one where it was fun, you learned something new, but it never really made much difference at work? At Fresh Air we’re determined to create training events that deliver to three agendas: have fun, learn new things and ensure new behaviours are bedded into your work context. We figure that there’s little point in attending training unless it makes a difference to your performance in your job.


Sports Performance Coaching


We are quite simply passionate about sport and are driven to ensure that sports competitors deliver their best performances, consistently.
Our personal experience of training and competition at an elite level coupled with academic rigour in this specialised field enables us to provide a unique service to sports performers. We don’t just teach the theory we actually put it into practice daily. While we are comfortable working at the elite end of sport, having worked with several international sports performers, we are just as keen to help with that golf swing or backhand to promote you up the rankings. Our specialisms include Diving, Gymnastics, Athletics, Tennis, Golf, Rowing, Archery and Horse riding. So if you are a performer or coach wanting to get the edge give us a call for a confidential chat on 07836 612064.


All our training is tailored to your needs. For a full list of our core training services click here.


NLP Training


It’s a fascinating and growing phenomenon, fast becoming established in business as a remarkably efficient way of improving performance. NLP is the art and science of behavioural excellence. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (for that is what it is) affords individuals, teams and whole organisations opportunities to improve their performance and change their behaviours for good!


In a market that’s full of providers, we know that clients may not know what courses are effective and value for money. Fresh Air’s NLP courses are rigorously scrutinised to ensure the very highest standards of both content and delivery. We play an active part in NLP Research and remain at the cutting edge of NLP methodologies.